Tom and Grizz

pup and mom

Kodi and Izzy Hunting
Kodi and Izzy Mallard Hunt

Kodi, son and daughter hunting
Kodi and son (Guage) and Daughter (Smoke)

Magnum and daughters
3 National Specialty Derby winners: Magnum with daughters (Izzy and Smoke)

Here are some more of our favorite photos of our dogs. Click on any photo to see a larger copy.

Tess as a puppy
Baby Tess
winning first place
First place in derby.

Tom and Magnum
Tom and Magnum.
Tess and Grizz
Tess and Grizz.

Tom and a Chessie hunting
On a hunting trip.
Chessie pup
Young pup.
North Dakota Oct 08
North Dakota, October, 2008.
Tess with birds
Tess hunting.
Magnum SH, Chessie SH, Sheba JH
Magnum SH, Chessie SH, Sheba JH

derby award
Magnum SH in a derby.

Chessie pup
Chessie pup.
Chessie pup
More puppies.

successful hunt
Successful hunt.
successful hunt
Another successful hunt.
Duck hunt
Duck hunt.